Tom Sharpe earns praise from East Coast critics

By Marlene Hall, DCMetro Theater Arts. Originally published Dec 14, 2014 Saturday, Mannheim Steamroller performed at Bethesda’s Music Center at Strathmore. The sold out crowd was enraptured at the matinee and Mannheim Steamroller received a standing ovation at the end. For this concert, Mannheim Steamroller celebrates 30 years since its first Christmas album and 40th […]

Tom Sharpe in Concert

Christopher Long of ShowBizGuru Reviews “Lifting the World.”

TOM SHARPE: Multi-instrumentalist and composer Lifting the World Marathon Records  Blending a progressive rock sensibility with intricate percussion and an undeniable choral majesty, the latest from Tom Sharpe is a symphony of world music — truly a breath of “fresh aire.” Through his longtime work with the platinum-selling New Age ensemble Mannheim Steamroller and iconic former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung, Tom Sharpe has earned an impeccable reputation over the years as an in-demand multi-instrumentalist and composer. In 2002, his […]

Tom Sharpe Plays Detroit Fox theater, 2014

DDYTalk Interviews Tom Sharpe

DDYTalk Interviews Tom Sharpe DDY Talk: Tom I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss performing with two nationally known artists, as well as your own music, and your new release Lifting the World. Tom: Hi Ron, you’re welcome, but don’t thank me too much. I am […]

Tom Sharpe DennisDeYoung on Drumset Reviews “Lifting the World.”

It’s been 12 years since Tom Sharpe released “Like Setting Myself on Fire”, now with his follow up release of “Lifting the World – A Symphony” Tom Sharpe once again shows that he is ready to set the world on fire. A telling and uplifting story told though a vibrant collection of percussive instruments, strings […]

Dennis DeYoung Fan Site Reviews “Lifting the World.”

Lifting The World, the new release from the percussionist for Dennis DeYoung and Mannheim Steamroller, builds on his strengths from his 2002 award-winning release Like Setting Myself On Fire to create a complete symphony that does not disappoint. The album gives the listener an amazing musical journey, full of a variety of audio textures. The […]

Tom Sharpe's Lifing the World Earns Glowing Reviews

A Glowing Review from Nick McCabe of AXS

Have you heard the one about the tragic bus accident? Four musicians and a drummer lost their lives! The suggestion here is that drummers are not really musicians, but nothing could be further from the truth, especially with regard to Tom Sharpe. Tom is a well schooled percussionist and composer. He is an alumnus of […]

Dr. Music Reviews “Lifting the World.”

Lifting The World – Tom Sharpe This is something extra ordinary. That’s right, two words. Sure, it’s great music done by a fine musician, but first I need to explain something that transcends all of that. I need to explain how beyond ordinary this music is. I try to picture Tom Sharpe in the studio […]

Tom Sharpe conducts from piano

“Lifting the World” to be Released!

A bold, epic, modern day symphony by Tom Sharpe, drummer for the Grammy Award winning group Mannheim Steamroller and Dennis DeYoung (founding member of STYX). A powerful musical journey,  Lifting the World exhibits clear indicators of an artist evolving and expanding the limits – crossing many genres into an elegant and epic masterpiece. Comprised of […]

Sound Check Interviews Tom Sharpe

by Gary Graff Oakland Press, Oakland, MI If he were just playing drums for former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung and making his own music, Tom Sharpe would have a full plate. But the Detroit-area native says his six-tour tenure with Mannheim Steamroller has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of his well-decorated career. “Who […]