Dennis DeYoung Fan Site Reviews “Lifting the World.”


Tom Sharpe on the set of A&E Television.

Lifting The World, the new release from the percussionist for Dennis DeYoung and Mannheim Steamroller, builds on his strengths from his 2002 award-winning release Like Setting Myself On Fire to create a complete symphony that does not disappoint. The album gives the listener an amazing musical journey, full of a variety of audio textures.

The entire album is a symphony, and the 13 tracks can easily be divided into the traditional four movements (1-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-13). There are several themes and phrases that appear throughout the piece; but while these themes reappear multiple times, they are presented in a manner that maintains the integrity of the individual song. For example, the main theme in the title track gives it power and magesty, while in The Cathedral Is Where You Are it is presented with reverence. Your journey though this symphony includes powerful strength, love, joy, awe, the presence of an antagonist, security, and a conclusion that not only finishes, but indicates that this is only one chapter of a much longer journey.

Lifting The World will take the listener through a wide range of emotions, but most of all delivers enjoyment in this well written and performed masterpiece.